Announcing Partnership with American Christian Tours

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Michael Furchert Ministries and American Christian Tours (ACTS) proudly announce their partnership. Together, these two unique ministries seek to impact lives across this nation and inspire a new generation of leaders to live for Christ and change the world.

ACTS has committed to sponsor Michael’s speaking engagements at Christian schools affiliated with its tour ministry and at educator’s conventions across the USA. Michael will also join American Christian Tours in Washington, D.C. to share his story as ACTS students explore their nation’s heritage of faith and freedom.

ACTS“We are so thankful about our partnership with Michael which allows us to provide a complimentary visit with our member schools,” Sabrina Carlson, president of American Christian Tours states.

“Michael’s story is such a powerful example of a young person who stood strong for Christ even in the face of ridicule and persecution.  We believe young people need to hear his story to be encouraged that they too can stand strong, no matter what the price.  Michael is a world-changer for our time.”

Learn more about this exciting opportunity and how to bring Michael to your school or community.

American Christian Tours & Michael Furchert Ministries

Michael’s story must be told! His candid telling of his life behind the Berlin Wall makes you laugh and cry. His real-life stories of choosing Jesus despite ridicule are the ‘hero’ stories that people need to hear. His message speaks on so many levels, from valuing our freedoms and understanding history, to knowing and sharing Christ in a much greater way. He will impact, inspire, and challenge through his messages, insight and original music.


American Christian Tours (ACTS) is America’s oldest Christian Touring Company

and the longest standing National Corporate Partner of the Association of Christian Schools, International (ACSI).