Michael’s story is an inspiring account of overcoming hardships, believing in the impossible, rising from trial to triumph.  But it is also a challenge to many in our western culture not to take our freedom for granted, not to let our faith grow superficial and light, not to give in to indifference and complacency. As America faces times of uncertainty today, he will challenge us to build our lives on a foundation that will last.

Michael Furchert TV Interview Seattle

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NEWS CLIP: Remembering the Fall of the Berlin Wall

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Duluth, MN — Today marks the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The fall became a powerful symbol that represented the end of the cold war. Here’s how Northlanders are celebrating and remembering the historic moment.

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NEWS CLIP: From East Berlin to America: Furchert Recounts Fall of Berlin Wall

Even though 25 years have passed since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of East Berlin’s communist regime, Michael Furchert’s memories remain clear.

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The Daily Tribune>> A Wall of Faith

Sharing a message of the importance of freedom.

If the socialist structure of East Berlin would have been half as strong as Michael Furchert’s Christian beliefs, the fall of the Berlin Wall and unification of Germany may have never happened.

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Duluth News Tribune – Faith Rewarded

In school, Michael Furchert was told to count soldier, guns and tanks instead of apples, oranges and toys. In phys-ed, students tossed fake grenades instead of balls. The Berlin Wall prevented the East German from visiting his maternal grandparents, who lived in West Berlin, until he was 16. Furchert dreamed that life in a free country “must be paradise.”

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Duluth News Tribune – Faith Gave Them Hope



Stay tuned for a collection of TV, radio and media interviews Michael has featured in over the past decade of ministry to the USA.