Michael Furchert Ministries

From Former East Germany to the United States of America

Christian speaker and pianist Michael Furchert grew up as a pastor’s son behind the Berlin Wall of Communist East Germany. With his unique background, Michael brings an important message of hope, faith and freedom to America. From the Nazi regime of Hitler’s Germany to the end of World War II and the expansion of communism, from the rise of the Berlin Wall to its celebrated fall, three generations of Michael’s family held true to their faith and experienced God’s sustaining power throughout turbulent times of European history.


Since 1999, Michael has shared his family’s inspiring story and his nation’s dramatic past with audiences across America. He challenges Christians to live out their faith and defend their freedoms, while encouraging them to believe in God’s promise that they can overcome (1 John 5:5) and be more than conquerors through Jesus Christ (Romans 8:37).

Michael has been a featured guest on numerous national radio and television programs, including:

LESEA National Television Broadcasting, South Bend, IN

Total Living Network, Chicago, IL

Cornerstone Television Network, Pittsburgh, PA

TCT Television, Marion, IL

Seattle Praise The Lord, Seattle, WA

Worldview Weekend Radio, Memphis, TN

Billy Graham Decision Today Radio, Minneapolis, MN

During the first year of his ministry in 2000, Michael was a guest on Billy Graham’s Decision Today radio program. Since then, his messages have repeatedly been published in Decision Magazine, the magazine of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, as well as in other publications.

In his Facebook Post on Nov. 9, 2014, Franklin Graham shared Michael’s most recent Decision Magazine article, “Let The Wall Come Down.” In his post, Graham encouraged people to read Michael’s story of how a movement of faith and prayer changed history. The article reached an additional 235,000 people online and was shared more than 12,000 times on Facebook.


Growing up behind the Berlin Wall, Michael learned at a young age to defend his faith in an atheist society and socialist education system. His model was a strong family legacy of going against the odds. Michael’s grandfather had been the only public school teacher in his city who refused to join the Nazi Party under Hitler. Michael’s father had lost his career in banking for refusing to join the Communist Party and became a pastor proclaiming the Gospel in Communist East Germany.

Michael and his siblings learned early to resist peer pressure and to make difficult choices for their faith. They were among the 2 percent of East German students who refused to join the Communist youth organizations and to conform to their beliefs. Michael had to choose between his faith and such rights and privileges such as receiving a driver’s license, participating in his graduation ceremony and attending college.

As a teenager, Michael took part in the Peaceful Revolution that started within the East German churches and brought down the Berlin Wall.


Today, Michael challenges Christians to remember the strength they have to impact lives, transform their societies and change history. As he speaks and performs at churches, schools, conferences, and city-wide events across the country, he reminds his audiences that the task of spiritually transforming any nation and fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ has not been given to politicians, but to the Christian Church.

“More than battling to get the Church back into power, we need to get the power back into the church,” he reminds believers, while encouraging them to live out their faith and values in their society, schools, colleges and workplaces.


As people face times of turmoil and uncertainty in an ever changing world, Michael encourages them to stand firm in their faith, to put their trust in God and not in man, and to build their lives on a foundation that cannot be shattered nor destroyed.


As part of his ministry, Michael has been leading American high school students and church groups on educational faith tours to Europe to make history come alive to them through exciting stories and biblical perspectives. He takes Americans to the ruins of man-made empires that have come and gone and inspires them to put their trust and faith in a kingdom that will last.

Michael recently established a partnership with American Christian Tours (ACTS) to speak at Christian schools and educator’s conventions across the USA, as well as to student groups in Washington, D.C. as they tour their capital and explore America’s foundations of faith and freedom.


Billy Graham’s wife, Ruth, described Michael’s music as “beautiful,” while LESEA National Broadcasting called it “mesmerizing.” Michael is a gifted pianist, and his music has become an integral part of his ministry. His original compositions — from rich classic sounds to reflective melodies — take people on a musical journey and touch many hearts.


Michael and his wife, Carol Ann, a high school history teacher, have been married since 2007. They reside with their daughter, Kaitlyn Johanna, in Duluth, Minnesota for most of the year while spending the summer months with Michael’s family in Germany.


…was featured on Billy Graham’s national radio program, “Decision Today”

… was invited by Rev. Dr. Billy Graham to participate in Amsterdam 2000, an international conference on worldwide evangelism.

… has been published repeatedly in Decision Magazine and in other publications and newspapers.

…has appeared on numerous local, national and international radio and television programs.

…was invited by Emmy award winning filmmaker and producer Paul Sparrow for a filmed interview at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. for their Berlin Wall documentary.

…speaks at churches, schools, colleges, worldview conferences, youth rallies, music festivals, banquets and all-city events across the USA. He has spoken to as many as 10,000 people at a time and to many more through the media.

…has led groups of American high school students, parents, and educators, as well as church groups from across the USA on educational and historical faith tours throughout Europe and Asia Minor.

…offers CDs and DVDs of his music and messages. He is writing a book about his family’s story, as well as “Deception & Discernment – a Message for America.”

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