1-Michael-PromoMichael Furchert grew up behind the Berlin Wall and brings an inspiring message of hope, faith and freedom to America. Throughout Nazi Germany, World War II and Communism, his family overcame great odds to follow Christ under totalitarian regimes refusing to let life’s circumstances keep them down. As a student Michael took part in the Peaceful Revolution of the East German churches that brought down the Berlin Wall. 

Traveling across the country, Michael shares his family’s incredible story of trials and triumph and his nation’s dramatic history of raising from oppression to liberty. He challenges audiences of all ages to take a stand for their faith and freedom, to trust in God’s promises to overcome and to live out the Gospel in ways that will impact lives, transform societies and even change history.

Michael’s Latest Article in Decision Magazine

decision-magazine“The police started to beat and arrest people. Secret agents infiltrated the crowds to incite violence. They wanted someone to throw a rock or overturn a car—anything to give the military a reason to open fire. Again and again, church leaders called upon people to resist aggression and to pray for peace. One lady kneeling on the street in prayer arose and put a flower into the muzzle of a gun…”

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A short (12min) documentary by filmmaker Candace Burkett and produced by Bob Jones University telling Michael’s family story through the lens of his ceramic art and music.



SHAPED BY GOD won several national awards, including Best Documentary at the Grenada Afterglow Film Festival, 2nd place at the Religious Broadcaster Convention and Most Inspiring Story at the 2017 Aspire Award.


No Barriers to Faith

“There are no barriers to faith but those we allow to be there. Communism didn’t bring down our faith. Our faith brought down the Berlin Wall.”

Power Into Church

“More than battling to get the Church back into power we need to get the power back into the church!”

Important Times

“This is an important time in Americas history for the Christian Church to remember that the task of spiritual transformation of any nation, the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, has not been given to politicians and governments but to the Christian Church. Regardless who will be in power, this is our task!  We have to pick up that banner. We have to carry it!”

Problem of Our Time

“The problem of our time is not a world turning secular. The problem of our time is that many Christians, churches, and spiritual movements are turning increasingly secular and start confirming to the ways of the world instead of being salt and light in the world.”

Evil in Disguise

“Evil doesn’t come as obvious evil so it could be recognized. It comes disguised as good so it can deceive and mislead.  It doesn’t come as obvious darkness so it could be feared.  It comes in the garment of light so it will be marveled at and adored.”

Power of Faith and Prayer

Communist China still blames Christianity for the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe. THEIR leaders have understood that the power of faith and prayer and the Gospel of Jesus Christ can impact lives, transform societies and even change history. How much more could we do in this country if we recognized this anew?



“We strongly believe that God has given Michael Furchert a timely message for America, and it’s wrapped in a multi-generational story with the historical drama of a blockbuster. What Michael and his family have to offer is not only a dramatic story of faith. It’s also a timely message to American Christians who are living in a country where God’s Word is increasingly compromised.”

Michael’s story is historically fascinating, personally gripping, and faith-challenging. It is a message, told in vivid detail, that holds much value for American Christians. Rarely does an outsider to American Christianity have as much insight for the many believers of our country.”

“Michael Furchert’s message contributes to the betterment of our society. The cultural impact he is having is incredible. Not only is he spreading hope and encouragement through his talks, his music is mesmerizing.”

“Today marks the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Just a few months later, my father preached the Gospel at a Crusade there, and about 3,000 Germans–from both the east and west–made decisions for Christ. One of those was Michael Furchert.  Read his thoughts on what this historic event meant for the church in Germany.”

Michael’s story must be told! His candid telling of his life behind the Berlin Wall makes you laugh and cry. His real-life stories of choosing Jesus despite ridicule are the ‘hero’ stories that people need to hear. His message speaks on so many levels, from valuing our freedoms and understanding history, to knowing and sharing Christ in a much greater way. He will impact, inspire, and challenge through his messages, insight and original music.”

“The “Decision Today” production team and nationwide listening audience were most impressed with Michael Furchert’s testimony and message, along with his gifts on the piano. We recommend him for his faithfulness in sharing with as wide an audience as possible.”

“Michael shared his compelling story first with our seniors on their Senior Trip [to Europe] and then we invited him to come to our campus to speak to all of our students. The story of his family’s life in East Berlin captured the students and held their attention better than we ever expected. I can give the highest recommendation to Michael Furchert and his ministry.”

“Dear Mr. Furchert, thank you so much for sharing your incredible testimony and wonderful gift of music. We are so grateful to God for your strong faith as you have boldly taken a stand for Christ behind the Berlin Wall. Thank you for your faithful ministry!
God bless you.”
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